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Electrician (12V / 24V)

Christian Lloyd

2020-11-26 05:35:31 UTC

Island: Tahiti

Christain Lloyd
Contact information:
87 26 49 65

9-2020 SV Claire de Lune This note is to post a positive comment about and the highest recommendation for Christian Lloyd. Christian was hired by me to help with a number of engine issues. They included oil leaks, fuel leaks, alternator belt issues, exhaust plumbing, and general engine room chaos.He worked on my list for a week, fixed everything, was always prompt, communicated his opinions on how everything should go, and was thoroughly professional. He brought his own tools, was careful about the rest of the boat, and will be invited back as the future demands. Should you need help with mechanical, electrical, rigging, painting, or fiberglass repairs, Christian should be your first call. He is anchored off marina Taina on s/v ManaKai and monitors channel 72..

Without a doubt if you are looking for someone to assist you in either electrical assistance or mechanical assistance, I'd recommend contacting John Cristian Lloyd. A boat owner and cruiser himself, he approached each project I had (and there were many) with thoroughness, detailed attention (actually reading the product manuals and highlighting which of the various options available we chose to use for future reference for myself or other who may work on the systems later), has methodical attention, professional, honest, personable with a complete set of tools. All the projects he undertook for me were FULLY completed and to my FULL satisfaction (something I can not about various other "professionals" I've hired over the years).
His professional installations of new electronic systems or mechanical systems were to the manufacturers recommended specifications and standards.

Work I had Christian do/install:

Electrical - Xantrex LinkPro battery monitoring system, Solar power panels and solar battery regulator, Balmar alternator and Max Charge MC-612 Regulator, wire a remote control for my Lewmar windlass. He recommended enhancements like a "kill" switch for the alternator which helped divert more hp to my smaller Yanmar during times of need and other improvements to enhance the overall motoring or sailing experience which I was either unaware of or not sure about how to achieve.  Designed, wired and install new house and starter battery banks and labeled all wires (he labeled the wires without being asked which is so helpful and often times rarely done by many "professionals"). He ran and installed new wiring for interior lights and courtesy coxpit lights, recommended and installed all the incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs for all lights on my boat, LED spreader deck lights, new tri mast light plus installed and wired various fans. Cleaned up and bundled the rat nest of wires leading to my electrical panel and installed various buses which the previous owner had "jerry rigged", replaced blown LED indicator lights on the electrical panel, installed bilge pumps wired and plumbed them with thur hulls in my almas, installed electromagnetic sensors for float switches for some of the vessels bilge pumps where the float switches had failed repeatedly and recommended replacing cheap bilge hoses for approximate designed hoses which would not fail. My Raymarine instruments were not working properly and there were issues with previous installation. Christian rewired the units and properly sealed them and made modifications to the custom instrument box to prevent moisture and future corrosion. He also recalibrated the units.

Submitted by Kevin YS Nuku Hiva

I have a referral I’d like to propose for your services guide on your website.  His Name is Christian Lloyd, he does mostly mechanical and electrical work. He is British, he and his wife live on their Trimaran Mana Kai in the bay off Marina Taina.

They were here in Nuku Hiva for some time and we did some work together of which I was very pleased with the results. I recommend him highly.

SV Manatee

I am writing to give my strongest recommendations for John Christian Lloyd for his excellent work on diesel mechanics, rigging and electric repairs.
I have know John for many years and have used him extensively in California when he helped us prepare our 52 foot ketch for world cruising.

For more information, see Diesel Mechanic