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Last update: 16 Apr 2024

CO2 Refills

CO2 Refills DIY

2023-04-01 15:17:16 UTC

Island: Tahiti

4-2023 Price is still 4960xpf delivery 1469xpf and tax +16%  5 kg is will fill about 9 bottles.

2-2022 About dry ice and filling soda stream bottles in Tahiti... My husband went this morning (you should arrange the date and time with Gaspac). He is back and this is what he got and how he is doing it: he got pellets shape dry ice and now he is filling 400gr per bottle.
Of course, he removed the top of the bottles.
More info: 5kg is min to buy. With 5kg with filled 8 bottles and we have some leftovers.
The price for 5kg = $49.60

2-20 Additional info

I am planning to buy carbon dioxide CO2 dry ice to fill Sodastream bottles in Tahiti.
Any top fitting can be filled including our US style tops. We have 2 bottles and the minimum purchase will fill about 8 bottles. I think last time the total cost was about 5000 francs.
So about 6 USD per 330g bottle.

Dry ice available in Papeete.  See entry for GazPac under same heading

Lots of You Tube videos on how to refill your bottle.  Very Easy

If you put in the weight stated on the label. Sometimes 450g, 425g or 410g. All these different weights claim to make 60 litres of drink! Presumably more or less fizzy.

You need to weigh the bottle then zero the scales to make sure you don't overfill

Comments from DV Dash filling in NZ  I thought we ordered “pellets” both times. The first time we got lovely “tubes” of dry ice we could easily pick up with tongs and drop in, about the size of glue sticks. This past time we got a box full of what looked more like frozen rice! (Different distributor) it was a bit more cumbersome to funnel into canister, but it worked.

A kitchen or postal scale helps. You can put empty canister on it and zero scale and add dry ice to the proper amount. Kind of fun like a high school science lab day!