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Last update: 30 May 2023

Importing Parts

DGX Dependable Global Express (USA)

2021-01-26 05:30:09 UTC

Island: Tahiti

DGX Dependable Global Express
19201 Susana Road
Rancho Dominquez, Ca 90221
Reyna Tausinga


From Bob SV Hedonism 9-2019
I do indeed have a shipment that just sailed but have not received the final paperwork as of yet. I got the name of this consolidator from Russ on Uproar and used them back in March as well. I was pleased with their service so I am using them again.  

I gave the name to Rick on Airborne and I believe he is using them shortly as well.

For receiving the shipment I just turned it over to Tahiti Crew (see Agents) to used their broker and take delivery for me. It was pretty seamless and they actually had their driver drop it off to me at Papeete Marina for an extra $20. (cash to the driver) I forget the brokerage fees but they were reasonable I thought.

That order included 6 gallons of bottom paint, speed prop, 4 gallons of Barnacle Buster, a new water maker AC motor (I'm upgrading), pumps, and a bunch of other stuff. Vendors included Defender, Jamestown Distributors, Amazon to name a few. Each shipment went to the Consolidator with my personal "shipment number" everywhere. (paperwork, on the outside of the box and so on) The Consolidator was reasonable and there was a flat rated $125.00 fee for Dangerous Goods. The weight of my shipment was 273 pounds and the shipping cost (less broker in Tahiti) was only $155 not including the DR fee.

All in all, some of the items were quite heavy but they charge by the cubic meter so it was quite cheap. I am attaching my invoice as well as the Shipment confirmation number sheet that you receive from them prior to ordering anything.

Reyna's contact information is above including email, which is the only way I have ever used. Never had the need to call.

(From Chuck)
Like other shipping agents in the US you contact them and they will assign a Shipping ID number and instructions on how to label your incoming boxes to them. Note: "Yacht in Transit" When they have received all your items they will place on the next available ship to Papeete.

BP 3944