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The Tahiti Cruisers Guide is brought to you by Julien Desmont from Xperimental and Chuck Houlihan from Jacaranda. Starting as an idea based on the very successful Panama City Cruisers guide, it has evolved into 160+ pages of information on vendors and services in Papeete and some businesses in Mo'orea and Raiatea. In January 2018, we added GPS coordinates and links to Google Maps to assist in locating businesses.

Downloading the guide and GPS map coordinates will facilitate using the guide offline. The coordinates will work for either Maps.me (best for Papeete) or Google Maps.

Especially thankful to John (SV Mary Ann II) and Steve (SV Ocean Star) for their huge effort in supplying a vast amount of information for the guide.

The guide is a community effort. Updates and new additions are greatly appreciated. If you find the guide useful or find something that needs updating please drop us a note at tahiticruisersguide (AT) gmail.com
Last update: 19 Jun 2019

Dentist / Dental Surgeon

Dr Veronique Perez Eyrard

GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees):
Latitude: -17.541205
Longitude: -149.567527
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4-25-2019 SV Nehenehe
I had a single root canal.  Cost was 24060 xpf. While I truly liked the demeanor of the dentist, her workmanship was mediocre.

She made two significant errors, both of which are not really retrievable ones.

  1. She inserted the files past the apex of my root and into the boney space
  2. She did not completely get the root canal filled with the root filler.

In addition there were several other concerns that were minor:


She did a great job of numbing my jaw, it was the best job of freezing me I have ever experienced at a dentist. Her office and operatory  was beautifully clean and up to date, she was on time and very friendly. She spoke English well. I still like her but would probably seek another dentist that had better technical skills.

She is highly recommended by a number of people

11-2018 Linda just had her teeth cleaned and some bonding of a chipped tooth. She came home singing Veronique's praises!

Work phone 40425666

Vini phone number

Email adresse:

Can make appointments via email.

Located a few blocks from Papeete Marina

Veronique accepts cash or bank transfer but not credit card.  She speaks reasonable english.

Her practice is in Passage Cardella or Rue Titiaivai.  It is one street west of the Cathedral off Place Notre-Dame.
The street has two names and both names are on signs at the end of the street.

If you can find the restaurant L'O à la Bouche its across the street and down about 50 meters

The building is between restaurants on the left side walking south along Rue Titiaivai.  Veroniques plaque appears with several others out on the street beside the doorway.

 There is an intercom beside the door to get access. Ask for the door code when you make an appointment.

 Appointments can be arranged by phone or email.  She attends 3 days each week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and works into the evenings.  The surgery is shared with another woman dentist for the other days.

Position 17 32.468 S  149 34.053 W
Highly recommended by this happy customer.  I had a metal crown fitted to a molar for $550 US