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Since arriving in Papeete to do some boat projects, we found ourselves “reinventing the wheel” - asking the same questions hundreds of others have asked - in trying to track down parts, services, doctors, dentists, etc.
We have often said we wished there were a Cruiser’s Guide to Tahiti and French Polynesia modeled after the valuable Panama City Cruisers Guide put together by Debi Shaimas on SV Serenity.
So we started compiling this one and what we have so far is now available online and downloadable as a pdf.
Please send updates or additions to tahiticruisersguide (AT) gmail.com
Last update: 20 Oct 2018


Girault (Portable Rig)

Contact information:
Philippe et Damien Girault
BP: 40464 Fare Tony
98713 Papeete

Tel/Fax: 832458
Vini: 87296105/87279024
E-mail: giraultph@yahoo.fr

Located near Marina Tiana

12-2017 Irene

We had a crack in the combined bimini support and wind generator mast, which needed welding by TIG in situ. When we were moored at Marina Taina last December I asked advise from the Taina's director Philippe Olite on a suitable welder and a place where the welding could be done. He recommended Father Son team Philippe and Damien Girault and the work dock of Marina Taina.

Philippe Olite was kind enough to call the Girault brothers as I was afraid that I will have communication difficulties. We had to wait a few days because of very wet weather, and then took Irene to the work dock. Philippe Girault came as agreed with a van where he had the argon gas tank with a long enough hose to reach the work dock from the parking lot. Electricity was readily available from the work dock. The crack in the wind generator mast was quickly welded and Philippe repaired also our swimming ladders. He did not speak any English, but we had no communication problems. We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and price.

7-2018 Kyory
Franz also reported excellent results from some SS welding and polishing he had from Girault. We called them and they came down to Tiana marina to pick up the items to be welded. They were returned all welded & polished.

8-2018 Avatar
 Communication was no problem as Phillips had a translator on his phone. On time did a great job in two hours covering multiple cracks at joints in the arch for solar and davits. Would absolutely recommend them and use them again. Painless job at the work dock at the Marina. Marina charged $2000 francs for the dock which was fair App: Girault charged 7500F per hour