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Stainless Steel – Fabrication and Welding

Inov inox

2020-11-06 22:07:51 UTC

Island: Tahiti

GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees):

Latitude: -17.554922

Longitude: -149.571348

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Inov inox
Tel 87 78 83 99 They have a very high end plasma cutter which can make chain plates or tangs.  They recently made a set of titanium tangs for a customer who provided the plate material.

They are in the Tipaerui Valley.

10-2020 SV Clair de Lune   I used this service to manufacture new 316L stainless chain plates. They are a high end decorative metal fab shop and they use a water jet cutting table which can pattern. So they just chucked up my old chain plates, turned on the cutter and manufactured new plates with thicker stainless. The jet cutting was so good, I didn't even have to touch any of the eleven plates with a file. They just dropped right in. Everything happened as they said it would. I was very satisfied.

11-2019 SV Maluhia Here's the info on Inov Inox.
Brought SS bar stock from the US. Went to Inov Inox in the Tipaerui Valley on Monday. Showed them the original chain plates which had a slight bend at the top and had two welded washers, one on each side to increase bearing surface for the rigging pin.

They said it was no problem to make, would be done by the end of the week. On Thursday I called and left a message. Friday I called again and left another message. On the following Monday I went to the shop and was told that it would be ready maybe Wednesday. On Wednesday I called and was told maybe Thursday. On Thursday I went to the shop, and they said it would be done that afternoon and that they would deliver them to the fishing harbor near the airport as I was anchored near there. I said that would be great and to call me and I would meet them at the harbor.

At 3:00 pm I called and left a message. No return call was ever made. The next morning I went to the shop. Yes, here were the chain plates. When I asked why they din't come or call they said they were busy and couldn't make it.

Unfortunately the mounting holes did not line up with the originals. The material I brought was now wasted. They apologized and said that they would make new ones and have them ready that afternoon. They had the correct material and said they would deliver them. Not trusting this I said no, I would come back to pick them up.

I came back in the afternoon. The plates were done. The mounting holes were aligned. Unfortunately the hole for the rigging pin was oblong and too big. They apologized and said it was difficult to find good workers.I was finished with Inov Inox and left with the plates but they did not charge me.