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The Tahiti Cruisers Guide is brought to you by Julien Desmont from Xperimental and Chuck Houlihan from Jacaranda. Starting as an idea based on the very successful Panama City Cruisers guide, it has evolved into 200+ pages of information on vendors and services throughout French Polynesia. In January 2018, we added GPS coordinates and links to Google Maps to assist in locating businesses.

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Last update: 19 Jan 2022


Jean-Philippe Petit

2021-09-23 15:43:32 UTC

Island: Tahiti

Jean-Philippe Petit

Tel 89 53 68 40

9-21 SV Ipanema Very good experience using JP!

9-21 SV Konbreo JP is the man. He did both the wind gen poles on my cat for me and did a great job

6-21 SV Barracuda of Islay Jean Philippe did Aluminum welding for us. Highly recommended.

6-21 SV Sea Horse Jean Philippe is great with SS and Aluminum -not cheap but Pro

11-2020 SV Sea Bear We recently installed 5 x 330w solar panels on our Leopard 44 cat. This is a hug array, but we wanted to be totally independent of our generator and be able to live off the grid. We were concerned about how/where we would install this, but Jean-Philippe came up with a great solution and build a very strong, robust stainless steel frame, that suits our boat beautifully and is aesthetically pleasing. JP takes great care to detail and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the finished product. Honestly, you wouldn't know this wasn't part of the boat's original design! We were so please with his work, that we asked him to make a stainless steel platform that we could rest our feet on at the helm, and again, he drew up plans and made a platform that makes our helm that much more comfortable and looks like it was meant to be. If anyone is in need of stainless steel work on your yacht, JP comes highly recommended!

9-2020 SV Claire de Lune Jean-Philippe is a rare craftsman of the highest skill level. He is even more unusual because he lives and works off his boat moored off Marina Taina. Jean-Philippe is punctual, organized, very professional, and of exceptional skill. His TIG welding shows his attention to detail as well as experience. I ask him to alter my exhaust piping and to alter my alternator bracket. Both chores were better than expected and show his understanding of design. He is very easy to work with, listens to your requests carefully, and confirms any questions. Should I need any welding services in the future, I will call on Jean-Philippe.

9-2020 SV Alila   He has done some very good stainless tig welding for me. he makes up brackets for solar panels and general stainless steel fabrication. He is also a really nice guy

9-2019 Coral Trekker - He lives on a boat in Tainia Marina, worked at a ship yard in Guadeloupe, He has a mobile MIG/TIG welding unit. Comes with a Honda generator and Argon bottle in the dinghy alongside and welds all there is to be welded. Reliable on appointments and reasonable in price. Wants to get a shop onshore to do bigger things like bikinis etc. on land.