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Last update: 31 May 2024

Food Distributor / Buyer

Juliette Personal Shopper

2021-07-12 04:29:27 UTC

Island: Tahiti


11-2020 Requires bank transfer for payments. Difficult if you do not have a FP bank account or in a location that does not have a bank.

7-2021 SV Stella Maris

Juliette is the best. Do it by boat shipping. Pick the right boat and 2 days later it is delivered!!!

We used her 3 times in the Tuamotus. She helps find the best boat for a quick transit time. Veggies and fruits still fresh! Some stuff in refrigerated. All was perfect every time .

8-2020 SV Ocean Blue  

On Ocean Blue we can highly recommend Juliette who did a great job for us.  Items were shipped to Fakarava.

3-2020 From Aline Tuamotu Kite School

Cruisers, especially those sailing in the Tuamotu atolls who are either avoiding or not allowed to go ashore for covid-19 related reasons:

There are many options for provisioning that do not require going ashore longer than to pick up a box from a cargo ship at the dock of an island of your choice!

It could cost you less* and include higher quality more diverse food options as well... (I’m on my 5th year here, this is how I do my shopping, then I give back the local populations in ways other than grocery shopping)
* less expensive, unless if you are looking to only purchase PPN « produit de primaire nécessite » simple imported food items like rice, beans, basic canned food, sugar, white flour and pasta, etc, which are the same gov’t subsidized price at every island. You could also call the local shop and have them deliver to the dock.

Send your shopping list to a personal shopper on Tahiti:

- Juliette
2000 xpf per shopping mission (per shop you ask her to go to) plus freight costs. Less expensive per shop if you request many shops.
*really nice, she will even go to the papeete market early Sunday morning to buy local organic veggies for you and put it in refrigerated freight on a cargo ship Monday morning like the Cobia or Dory. (Cobia departs Tahiti Monday and arrives at Fakarava Wednesday morning, about 500-1000 xpf to send a medium sized box)

With any of these options, they will send it to you anywhere in FP via cargo (much less expensive) or Air Tahiti fret ($$ per kg). Refrigerator and freezer freight normally available with all options (unless it’s broken)

Cargo ships
Call to order 200 liter drums of gas or diesel, 2 stroke oil, propane, etc.
-@navette cobia 3 FB page for a picture of their weekly schedule for the central Tuamotu atolls. 40 43 36 43
-Maris Stella FB page for their schedules, their boats visit almost all of the atolls, but less frequently. The Maris Stella sets up a food shop with fresh veggies and fruit at the dock when they visit most islands. SMS 89 40 06 10 to order food, including PPN options and even ice cream, or gas before they depart Tahiti, they will not respond but don’t worry your order will be in.
-Dory cargo, email broken, call 40 42 30 55, weekly visits to NW Tuamotu atolls.

Most inhabited atolls have ships from Tahiti about once a week. I only have experience with cargo ships visiting the Tuamotu atolls.

If you contact Juliette or HM, Make a list of which items you want, organized by shop, for example a separate list for Carrefour and PT and a marine shop for some boat parts while you’re at it.

Payment is normally by bank transfer.

** it will be even easier for your second order

Tamaamaitai!! (Bon appétit)