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The Tahiti Cruisers Guide is brought to you by Julien Desmont from Xperimental and Chuck Houlihan from Jacaranda. Starting as an idea based on the very successful Panama City Cruisers guide, it has evolved into 160+ pages of information on vendors and services in Papeete and some businesses in Mo'orea and Raiatea. In January 2018, we added GPS coordinates and links to Google Maps to assist in locating businesses.

Downloading the guide and GPS map coordinates will facilitate using the guide offline. The coordinates will work for either Maps.me (best for Papeete) or Google Maps.

Especially thankful to John (SV Mary Ann II) and Steve (SV Ocean Star) for their huge effort in supplying a vast amount of information for the guide.

The guide is a community effort. Updates and new additions are greatly appreciated. If you find the guide useful or find something that needs updating please drop us a note at tahiticruisersguide (AT) gmail.com
Last update: 12 Dec 2018

Marinas & Anchorages

Marina Taina

GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees):
Latitude: -17.585525
Longitude: -149.61611
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Address: Puna'auia, French Polynesia
Phone: +689 40 41 02 25

modern well equipped marina, 10 miles out of town.  It is close to a large Carrefour and has  both coin operated laundry and free showers.  Michel’s Chandlery is in the compound.  Friendly staff, diesel and water available for those on moorings.  as of 2017 For us pedestrian class yachts under 60 feet the high season (1st March to 30th Sept) rate in the marina is $1.00 per foot per day and one half that in the low season.  Mooring are $1.84 per foot per month year round for monohulls and $2.76 for multihulls.  Better protection than Marina Papeete in a north-westerly.

In the low season leaving your yacht for the "cyclone" season generally requires a reserveation for you by June/July.  The manager noted that during the only cyclone to ever come close to Tahiti, the marina lost two cleats with little damage to boats. Beware that agents have been known to claim that only they can secure a reservation, which the manager insisted is not true. The area does not usually require dehumidifier in the rainy season generally.

Hello all,
Just so that Papeete Marina is not singled out as the sole source of 
crime on Tahiti, be aware that my Hans Christian 43 ketch was broken 
into and robbed while in the anchorage off Marina Taina. The suspicion 
is that young people swam out from the beach next to the 
Intercontinental and broke in. Stupid things were stolen, including the 
ships papers, while other more valuable things were ignored or missed.  
A very old Raytheon VHF hand held, prior to the creation of Raymarine, 
was stolen and yet a new Standard Horizon hand held was skipped. A 
portable Olympus camera was taken while a more expensive Nikon SLR was 
left. The old Asus Atom laptop being used as the navigation computer 
was taken and a newer, more valuable Lenovo laptop was left.

I have heard from Philippe, the manager at Marina Taina, that there have 
been other break-ins in the anchorage as well, some with much more 
damage than was done to my boat.

So beware.