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Last update: 21 Mar 2023

Boat Brokers

Raiatea Yacht Sales

2021-06-26 01:25:26 UTC

Island: Raiatea

Raiatea Yacht Sales
(+689) 87 29 06 09 / (+689) 87 27 79 38

6-21 Name withheld by request
I had been looking at boats for 3 years. Finally saw one of the type I wanted very cheap online and made offer instantly it was just listed It was accepted (Melodie was broker) I arranged to fly down have boat inspected. Cost me a fortune of work time off of flight of Airbnb of inspection etc etc. I'm on papeete 7 days I ask a question i get no answer for two days I flew and spent all that money to wait in an Airbnb room? I don't think so So I asked another question but this time I didn't wait I made steps to find my own answers from the owners. I got the owners phone number from locals and called them. Melodie was all upset I went around her but told her why I did so. Then I bought the boat (pictures were were ten years old and it was decrepit compared to them) but I wanted a boat and it was cheap I didn't want to waste a fortune having come to see it for nothing (10% of boat price+) So... Then transaction was finished and I was sending friendly emails back and forth to the old owners. And I got a bit of info....the boat had been listed for a year. Wait what? When I saw it it was new listing.. I checked two three times a week all the time. So.. they had been under the impression that it was listed globally and it had not been.. for. A year they had had it for sale and paid marina fees.etc. while she did what?

2019 SV Jacaranda - We tried to use Melodie at Raiatea Yacht Sales in 2019. We wanted to fly from Tahiti to Bora to look and possibly purchase a catamaran she had listed. First she never got back to me after repeated emails and calls. I finally asked friends to stop by her office in Tahiti and tell her that they would not leave until she contacted me. We had a very short schedule to make a flight to Bora as we were departing for Calif in a few days. She never arranged a showing and said she would get back to me....  

6-19 SV Recalada  gave her a contract to sell their boat. After a year of terrible service and very little action they dropped her and went with another broker. They were very disappointed with her