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Last update: 31 May 2024

Food Distributor / Buyer

Sipac Food Distributor / Delivery out islands

2021-08-28 14:14:36 UTC

Island: Tahiti

Tuauru Valley, MAHINA

local_phone 87 72 80 70
Ship schedule:

8-21 SV Bella Marina +1 for Sipac!

11-2020 SV Kiapa Nui
We used SIPAC per seeing Jan's description. Super easy to use, can use cc which is a plus for us, and only additional charge was the Cobia of a high price of 4000 xpf. ;) The boxes were well packed as was my wine. :) If I was at the store myself I would have picked through the fresh and picked the best but I won't complain...well just a bit. They sent pretty moldy broccoli, 2.5 of the 6 red bell peppers were complete mush and I had to throw them away immediately, and about a third of the apples were pretty bruised. On the other hand, all the local grown produce looked great! They made a mistake which I did not notice as I ordered a shit load of food, but they forgot to send 3 packs of the Tiger Prawns. I ordered 3 other packs of shrimp as well so I can see why I missed it and them. :) I received an email the next day and an invoice showing the reimbursement to my cc "in progress". Good on them.  

5-2020 SV Hanna
This company was recommended by the dive shop in Tikehau.  They are a food importer and wholesaler.  You can place an order with them and pay by CC.  They will gather your order and place it on the ship to the island or atoll of your choice.  You do not need to purchase case lots but can buy individual items.

It's a grocery importer / wholesaler which also sells retail to individuals, with some great pricing on some stuff I've seen. They deliver to the various islands with $100 order. It might be something to look at, especially for long term provisioning. Most stuff is available by the piece, ie you don't have to buy a case of something, and lots of what they carry are regular retail portions. But if you want to buy a whole brie or 4 kg brick of Emmenthal, they've got that too!

I just placed an order with Sipac. I had a couple questions, starting with the shipping glitch mentioned above. They didn't realize that glitch but fixed it right away. Then I had a couple other questions and they answered pretty quickly via Messenger. Website is really pretty good. Payment with US CC was no prob. Confirmation email right away, and they also confirmed via messenger once it went through. I will post about it on FP Cruisers page once I get delivery, a week from tomorrow.

See their webpage for cut off times to have your order in by ship name.

From their website

Sipac at your service! Food wholesaler since 1974 .

SIPAC imports and distributes nearly 2000 product references , sold at retail and divided into 4 categories  :

  • Grocery
  • Fresh (Delicatessen, Cheese, dairy, meat, ...)
  • Fruits & vegetables (imported and local)
  • Fresh frozen


A complete range of products for professionals in all business sectors  :

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Snacks & Trailers
  • Pastries, Bakeries & Caterers
  • GMS & Local shops
  • Communities (Schools, Communes, Associations, Army, Summer camps…)
Follow up from SV Hanna
As a follow-up, they sent invoices and bill of lading the next day, .PDFs via email. There are 4 shopping categories on their site: fruit and vegetables, fresh, ( refrigerated: cheese, butter, meat, yogurt etc) frozen, and grocery (dry goods) / hygiene / household products. I ordered in 3 of the 4 categories and each category gets its own invoice and bill of lading. The bill of lading also tells you how many boxes there will be. From my one experience using Juliette for shopping, that's standard for BoL.