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Sodastream Refills

Soda Stream Notes

2023-09-29 07:10:30 UTC

Island: Tahiti

4-22 submitted to FP FB page by Emilie

* SODASTREAM FP mystery **
Good morning all
We share with you the solution of the SodaStream mystery in Polynesia
After 2 years of confusion between differents bottles, we understood that you can find both standards in Polynesia !
In the Super U stores (validated in Raiatea & Huahine, to be check in Tahiti), they sell the bottle model with thick thread (European standard / picture on the right) and in the other supermarkets (Champion, Carrefour...), they sell the bottles with thin thread (Australia & New Zealand standard/ picture on the left).
So ... Don't throw away your EU/USA SodaStream equipments !!

See photo of different thread types


The valves for soda stream bottles and machines are of one type in North America, and of a different type in the pacific. This means that no store in FP will accept your 60L CO2 bottles for refill or supply you with new ones that will fit your North American bought soda stream machine. The only solution is to fill your bottles yourself with dry ice, or buy a new machine and bottles. You might save some money by ordering the brass bottle valves used in the pacific in advance (I found them online at a brewers supply store in Australia) and swap them yourself on your 60L CO2 bottles so at least you can reuse those.

Carrefour next to Marina Taina sells a range of FP soda stream machines, and the CO2 bottles to go with them cheaper than at the official distributor of soda stream (O'pure).