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Since arriving in Papeete to do some boat projects, we found ourselves “reinventing the wheel” - asking the same questions hundreds of others have asked - in trying to track down parts, services, doctors, dentists, etc.
We have often said we wished there were a Cruiser’s Guide to Papeete modeled after the valuable Panama City Cruisers Guide put together by Debi Shaimas on SV Serenity.
So we started compiling this one and what we have so far is now available online and downloadable as a pdf.
Please send updates or additions to tahiticruisersguide (AT) gmail.com
Last update: 14 Aug 2018

Solar Panels

Sunzil Papeete

Sunzil Papeete

 Fare Ute, Papeete

Martial Oberli (speaks English)

87-70-82-94 m.oberli@sunzil.com

There are very few 12V panels most are 24-48V for residential or commercial.  But stock is constantly rotating so be sure to check it out