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Since arriving in Papeete to do some boat projects, we found ourselves “reinventing the wheel” - asking the same questions hundreds of others have asked - in trying to track down parts, services, doctors, dentists, etc.
We have often said we wished there were a Cruiser’s Guide to Tahiti and French Polynesia modeled after the valuable Panama City Cruisers Guide put together by Debi Shaimas on SV Serenity.
So we started compiling this one and what we have so far is now available online and downloadable as a pdf.
Please send updates or additions to tahiticruisersguide (AT) gmail.com
Last update: 20 Oct 2018

Refrigeration – Supplies

Tropic Froid

Sale of refrigerating equipment.

Does not do repair

One of the main refrigeration suppliers in FP.  Carry Danfoss equipment and stock DB35 and 50 and stock Danfoss 7008 thermostats. Counter staff speak reasonably good english.


They are several blocks from the waterfront on Prince Hanoi, directly across from the Shell Station and Hotel Tahiti Nui.  

59, avenue du Prince Hinoi

98714 Papeete

Contact information

Tel: - ( Jean LY )


@: Tropicfroid@mail.pf