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Doctor, Specialists & Surgeons

Dermatologist Dr Ruiz

2022-11-10 01:26:15 UTC

Island: Tahiti

GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees):

Latitude: -17.540534

Longitude: -149.569559

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Dr. Solene Ruiz

Dr. Ruiz's work website:
Here you can find the link to the doctofenua site and all her contact info.  
40 42 20 51 (office)
87 27 00 22 (cell) and create an account and start selecting which department, location (if you know) and doctor. More and more doctors are going this route. Their whole schedule shows up and you can pick and choose which day and which time you would like and for how long (15 mins = a consult, 30 min slot or a 45 min slot). 

Across from the Papeete Marina in the yellow building second floor west of Post Office. Very Close to the entrance to Hotel Tiare

See GE photo:
When you get in that area look for metal plaques with names next to a doorway. It's fairly easy to find once you know generally where to look. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Her office is at the end of the hall.

7-2022 SV Auntie Excellent doctor, good experience. She is thorough, professional, and freezes things off with good equipment. She also advised cutting off one lesion, and did an excellent job of it.  Her office is located directly across from Marina Papeete in a the yellow building  (Real Estate office on ground floor) and the stairs to get up to her office are at the right far right of the yellow building. This is the same office was formerly run by Dr. Oviada. There is no receptionist at the time of review, but she is prompt at returning calls.

5-21 SV Kiapa Nui taken from a report of numerous dermatologists that they have seen.

Dr. Ruiz speaks a bit of English but more than what she leads on to speak and understand. She's a sweet doctor in my opinion. She takes her time with you. I spent a whole hour with her as she cut out a spot that made me uneasy and we sent it to the lab. She also froze off what I asked her to freeze off. She took her time to look over my skin but did not check the bottoms of the feet and ears. I was told by Dr. Fennira that she is very good a surgically removing spots, her speciality is removing spots on the face.